Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 Gorgeous Pieces Under $50

We love to bring you beautifully designed pieces of high-end jewelry made from luxurious, quality materials--at  prices you can afford. We've got accessories that are right for you no matter your unique style or budget; like these 5 gorgeous pieces under $50. 

Luxurious Lock & Key - This pendant hits the perfectly stylish high note in Rhodium plating with clear crystals and a pave heart and key pendant. $30 at JillZarinJewelry.com

Luxurious Lotus - Luxury lies in the unique and mysterious, and this earring falls in line with just that: a light silver oxidized finish holds a wonderfully carved Buddha firmly in place and flanked by colored stones. $28 at DebbieMerleDesigns.com

Golden Key - This drop Y necklace with strategically placed clear faceted stones, can be the key to taking your favorite outfit to the next level. Layer with our other gold plated and crystal pieces for an eclectic, but elegant mix. $35 at GLITTERRINGS.com

Love Me Bracelet - We know you'll love this XO bracelet in Rhodium plating with clear crystals. It's the perfect little treat to show yourself a little love. $22 at JillZarinJewelry.com

Key to Karma - Add this awe inspiring piece, in a light oxidized brass finish and featuring heart and key charms, to the list of good things you’ve attracted into your life. Boost your positive styling energy with ‘Key to Karma’. $28 at DebbieMerleDesigns.com

Which of our budget-friendly baubles is your favorite?